There are rules ... and there are rules.  The first set govern what one can do in a given situation, scoring,
length of play etc..  Then there are the less formal rules - really the rules of dealing one to the other in a
social as well as athletic sense. 
It begins with:
            - Being ready to play when your game is set to begin.  That means for a 6:30 game, it's best to
arrive about 6:15.  Call the skip if you're going to be late , and especially if you are unable to make your
           - Check your footwear and broom.  Make sure they're absolutely clean, dry, and in good condition.
           - Start each game with a handshake and a wish of good luck for your opponent.
           - As a player one of your responsibilities is to keep the ice running superbly. Remove debris from
the ice and remember that leaving finger, hand or knee prints on the ice for any length of time creates
"flat" spots.
          - Keep up the pace.  The approximate time for a an 8-end game is two hours.  If you find you're
running behind, work to catch up.  Minimize delay in making decisions and avoid long conferences.   After
all this is rock science, not rocket science.
        - Be ready to deliver your rock when the skip puts down the broom.  Clean the rock while the other
team is in motion.
        -  As soon as your opponent has delivered his or her stone, take your position in the hack.
        - Only the skips and the third are to be in the rings. Seconds and leads should only be in the rings if
called upon by their skip.
       - A good shot deserves a compliment.  One of the nicest curling traditions is that players and
spectators compliment a good shot by either side while not remarking on a poor shot or a competitor's
     - Courtesy is important.   Keep your distance, be silent and motionless when your opponent is in the
hack.   Don't walk or run across the ice when a player is in the hack. Don't gather around the back of the
house when an opponent is throwing. Sweepers should stay on the sidelines between the hog lines when
not sweeping.
     - Be patient: wait for the score. Thirds are the only players allowed in the house while the score for their
end is being decided.  All other players should wait beyond the hog line until told they may move into the
house to clear the rocks.
    - It is a tradition of sorts  for the winning team to buy the losing team a drink while the losing team gets
to clean the ice.
    Above all - keep in mind IT IS A FUN GAME.   Show your opponents and team mates that you have
respect for them by following these simple rules.
     Good Curling!!